Food and Wine pairings

Food and Wine pairings

Before tasting, let the champagne rest in an ice bucket for 20 minutes and then serve between 9° and 10° in curved champagne flutes. These allow the aromas to express themselves fully and also enable the effervescence to build up strength.

All your senses will be aroused and fully satisfied:

Your sense of hearing will be stimulated first by the sound of the opening cork, the sound of the glass being filled and the sparkling sound of the bubbles.

Then, your sense of sight will be rewarded with the wonderful, slightly golden colours, with flashes of yellow or salmon-pink.

After that, you will be surprised by the cool feel of the champagne when you first touch the glass.

Be patient, and wait for the bubbles to calm down slightly before smelling the champagne. Your nose will be taken aback by the complex aromas of suave and honeyed flowers or candied fruit.

Finally, your taste buds will be surprised by a rich and ample attack and a long finish.


For a meal with champagne only:

For your aperitif, start with a brut champagne with no added dosage liqueur. This will open the palate. We suggest our Cuvée Cosson for this part of the meal.

To accompany seafood, fish or poultry, we recommend choosing a light, Chardonnay-dominant champagne – for example our Cuvée Spéciale or Grande Réserve.

With red meat, game or veal, we would prefer to serve our Brut Rosé.

Goat's or hard cheese is best accompanied with a younger and more lively champagne such as our Brut Tradition.

Avoid acidity with the dessert and choose either our Demi-sec or the Millésime which have mellowed over the years.

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