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Mindful of the heritage that nature has left us over thousands of years, we changed our growing methods many years ago and took the path of sustainable winegrowing.

Grass as a cover crop

To preserve soil quality, we have sown grass as a cover crop between rows in some vineyards. This method reduces the need for weed killer to a minimum and thus protects the water table. Wherever soil is not adapted to sowing grass, we spread deciduous and evergreen bark over the area. This technique is mainly used in areas with sandy soil poor in nutrients. It enables us to bring added organic material while limiting soil erosion.


Sexual confusion

For several years we have been using this biotechnical process to fight grape pests. Sexual confusion disturbs the mating phase between male and female moths using the emission of synthetic pheromones. These reproduce the natural substance that females produce to attract males. When the air is saturated with these pheromones, males cannot find females and the possibilities of mating and egg-laying are limited and therefore so is the need for insecticide. In this way, we protect not only the wildlife around the vineyards but also our teams who work on the vines.

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