Discover the Champagne area

Discover the Champagne area

Our village, with its three-flower label, is located at the heart of the Montagne de Reims Natural Park. There are many things to visit:

-The history of the old wash houses is linked to medical discoveries about hygiene and public health in the 19th Century.

-The fountains, which improved the quality of life in the village by bringing water close to housing.

-The church, built in 1837-38, with a particularly elegant onion dome, 44 metres high.

-The Cosson Farm, a former bastle house. It has a porch and a dovecote dating from the 16th Century.


In the 17th Century, a scientist from the Champagne area described fossils found near this farm, with an estimated age of 45 million years, in one the first dissertations ever written about fossils, called: "Discours sur les coquilles de mer qu'on trouve en terre ferme, particulièrement en Champagne" (Discourse on sea shells found on dry land, particularly in Champagne).

This layer of lacustrine limestone where fossils were trapped, left by the sea and which now pokes out of the soil, gives our wines this incomparable effervescence today.


The many possibilities of walking or mountain bike cycling in the area will draw you into the heart of the Champenois slopes, today listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their beauty and typicality:

  •          Forest spreads over the plateau, the vines down the slopes and the fields on the plain.
  •          In order to prevent runoff and soil erosion risks, vineyard blocks are of different sizes, shapes and are planted in different directions. This gives our vineyards a mosaic look.
  •          La Champagne La Marne has listed our village as a "flower trail" to be visited in the region.
  •          The Montagne de Reims Natural Park suggests visiting the village on the "Fountains and Wash Houses" trail.
  •          The GR 142 hiking trail will take you across the The Montagne de Reims Regional Park.

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